I Will Always Miss Him

Ryan added a very special energy to any room he walked in. That sounds corny and easy to say about someone that has passed, but it's true! He has been an inspiration to me and my work. Ryan has such a larger than life presence when hosting any show and always put a very unique mark on anything he touched.

It has been a year and looking back, the Internet, the videogame industry, and Giant Bomb is a lesser place without him. My favorite memory of him is his supportive efforts during my deployment to Afghanistan. He went out of his way to send me and my platoon tons of goodies including hundreds of hours of Giant Bomb content we missed out on being away from the Internet.

I truly appreciated all his efforts towards me as an individual and the Internet. I will always miss him.

Steve Beynon (@StevenBeynon)

July 04 2014

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