I Still Miss Ryan Davis

I wrote a blog about how much I missed Ryan Davis almost a year ago, and reading through it now, it still stands.

As crazy into the gaming culture as I am, nobody else around me is. That being the case, the Giant Bomb crew and it’s community is my primary outlet for all things gaming. Nobody gets references to things like Itagaki and his damn shades, how crazy it is that one of the Bioware doctors is on a global beer quest or that Reggie’s body is ready but I love that shit. You know who else loves that shit? You guys and gals and even more so, the bomb crew.

Watching quick looks and listening to bombcasts over the years, I’ve grown close to these guys and have a sort of one-way friendship with them all (as many of us do). They don’t know me, but I feel like I know them… which sounds super weird to write. If you take into account the various side projects I’ve done where they were the focus, you’d think I was some sorta creepy stalker… Hell, I even sent them a care package one from Korea and it was opened no a mailbag and that they got some measure of enjoyment was eerily life affirming.

I fucking miss Ryan Davis. It’s goddamn crazy. I didn’t realize how huge an impact he had on my life until now and it’s freaking insane. Even though I only knew him through a very tiny window, he was such an amazing person that it was all he needed to impact me in a huge way. I can only imagine what those who were actually close to him must be feeling. I hope that his family and friends can find some comfort in knowing that we, all of us out on the other side of the window, intimately understand how amazing this gentleman was, and how huge a loss it is for him to be gone.

Much love to all.

Since then I have attended PAX and have had the chance to meet with many of the staff at Giant Bomb. I’ve also made some great friends with other members of the community. Everyone is exactly as awesome as I imagined they would be and so I am ever more saddened that I never got to meet Mr. Davis in person and let him know how goddamn awesome he is. I’d like to think if I were lucky, he might have slapped me across the face.

I still miss Ryan Davis.

Steve Kim (@Fobwashed)

July 04 2014

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