Horse Meet Rider

You brought so much laughter into my life there’s no way I could possibly do you any justice with whatever I write down here. It’s difficult for me to put into words just how much of a positive impact you made on me without ever having the pleasure of actually meeting you. Despite that you always felt somehow like a best friend. That’s just it though, I feel like you made everyone feel like you were their best friend.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us. The crazy stories, the sweaty kinect videos, the incredible acting, the tasty beverages, the laughing and of course that enormous grin. You have been there with me literally every week of my life for the past six years and you have made an indelible impression on myself and my sister. Momma’s chocolate pie doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Thank you, Ryan.

James Mauger (@jamesmauger)

July 04 2014

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